What age range is suitable to play?

Christmas Search Party is suitable to people of all ages!

To get the most out of the game we recommend children of 8 years and above can play with a little help from an adult.

Younger children will still be able to enjoy the game but may struggle with solving some of the clues without an adults encouragement!

The game is specifically designed for families and friends of all ages to play together.

How long does the game last?

Depends how quick you solve the clues! Typically teams take 30 minutes - one hour to find Rabbie. You can add your time to the Leaderboard once you've found him if you wish!

How much is it to play?

Teams of up to four players can play for only £10 per team. You should sign up to register your team and pay just before you are ready to play.

What will I need to bring?

The only key thing is your phone – the battery should be fully charged as the game will use a fair bit (maybe up to 50% or more, depending on the phone and how long you take!).

You’ll also need to use mobile data, which may be an extra cost to you depending on your phone contract – if in doubt, please check with your provider. Note that the game runs in a web browser and contains approx. 2 minutes of video.

You may wish to use headphones to hear the videos or audio messages more clearly, but they are not necessary. All videos are captioned and audio messages transcribed too in case you can't hear them properly.

As the game is all outdoors, you may need an umbrella, your best Christmas jumper and a festive hat too!

Should I charge my phone?

Yes, we recommend you have a fully charged battery before you start, as the game will use a fair bit (maybe up to 50% or more, depending on the phone and how long you take!).

Do I need to be in Edinburgh to play?

Yes, Fringe Search Party can only be played in person in Edinburgh, it is not an online experience but a live experience.

You'll need to be at the Christmas tree at St Giles Cathedral before you can click on 'Start Game', once you have registered your team.

Is Search Party Accessible?

Yes, all locations are wheelchair accessible.

Also, all video clips have subtitles. If you have any specific requirements that you’d like to check with us, please email us before playing.

You can also find our Accessibility Guidelines here.

Is Search Party Covid-safe?

Yes! The entire trail and clue locations are all outdoors on the streets of Edinburgh. You will not have to touch or collect anything physical - all the information you need is hosted on your web browser.

Teams should be a maximum of four people and be from no more than 2 households. This is in line with government guidance. For more information on restrictions in place in Edinburgh - head to the Scottish Government website.

How do I go back a step?

If you need to go back to a previous clue, make sure to press the back arrow in the animated game window and not back arrow on your mobile browser window. All your interaction should be on the game video window and you should not interact with the browser at all.

Why is my answer not being accepted? I think it's correct!

Have you got the correct spelling? Any additional spaces by accident? Have you read all the hints? The third hint will spell out what you need to do to solve each puzzle.

See an annoying header bar?

Try flipping your phone to portrait and then back to landscape again.

The game can be played in both landscape and portrait modes but will be larger in landscape mode. It's up to you which orientation works best for you!

I've lost the browser window and can't find my game?

It should be fine to lock your phone and go off the browser screen to look at other apps whilst playing. The game will remember your place but try not to close the browser window completely. If you close the window completely you may lose your place and it might restart the game. Best thing to do is not close the browser window whilst playing.

I am completely stuck and these FAQs aren't helping?

Please email us at searchparty@gildedballoon.co.uk – we’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Fancy giving us some feedback?

Christmas Search Party is a pilot event, if you have any feedback to give us please email us at searchparty@gildedballoon.co.uk

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